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A picnic on the roof last night enjoying the sunset overlooking the city.

I don’t know if a better evening exists.

It was the perfect temperature, warm, but breezy, filled with delicious food and drinks, and friends that always make me smile.

I had a really long day yesterday. Doing this and doing that, driving here and driving there. Traffic e v e r y w h e r e. The one upside to being busy is when the day is through and all the doing is done you really feel like something spectacular. And last night was SPECTACULAR. Natalie and I headed over to Rachael’s for a little summer soiree on the roof. We climbed through her office window and made our way up the slanted shingles until we arrived at the tip top– a wide open space with the most amazing views of the city. I brought a blanket and some pastries, Natalie brought some wine and cheese. Rachael supplied the crackers and the view. And Joe! Dear Joe kept us cozy with sweaters and candles and drinks– the tastiest I’ve had in awhile.

Last night was the perfect way to end a day. Real rooftop magic — the sweet summer kind. 


  1. Friend! Those pictures are just dreamy. What a perfect summer evening with good friends. xo Moe

  2. What a beautiful evening and great way to end such a busy day! I need a friend with a rooftop. To attend a rooftop party/picnic is on my bucket list:)

    I have been meaning to ask you, what editing software do you use to edit your photos? I pretty much love every single photo you take.


    • These photos were all taken with my iphone (or my friends’ phones) and I edit them using the VSCO cam app. If you don’t already have it, you must get it now. It’s my go-to!

  3. That viieeeww!! So perfect!

  4. perfection – this weather has just been amazing! i love the view in the last shot.

  5. this. i love this. summer in the city at its finest! last friday we did a sunset picnic on the charles – there is just somethin’ about this city during summer sunsets.

  6. DREAMILICIOUS! I think it’s time for me to sneak onto my roof for a sunset picnic.

  7. That looks so fantastic. I’m going to make it back to Boston one day. I can feel it.

  8. This looks amaaazing. What a sweet spot right in the city!

  9. I mean. Seriously??? Come on! You’re killing me with the perfection of this whole situation!

  10. Such lovely pictures. Really captures the beauty of the evening!

  11. Nope, no better evening exists. This looks PERFECT.

  12. What a fantastic evening! That view is gorgeous!

  13. Soooo…if you hear of any job openings in Boston for someone with experience with administrative tasks/copywriting/photo editing and the like, be sure to send news my way. I have now made it my personal mission to live in Boston.

  14. That view & those two… just the best!

  15. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I found your blog last weekend and I LOVE it. I also live in Boston so I’m really enjoying all of the city posts. Your pictures are amazing!

  16. This looks like the most charming urban setting I could imagine! How lovely!


  1. […] night we watched the fireworks from the roof of Rachael’s apartment. It’s the same place we had our picnic the other day and it is perfection on a summer night. […]

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