sweet summer // a love letter.

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Sweet summer.

My favorite time of year, hands down, without a doubt. The breeze is good and the sun and the trees have this shadow play that makes walking through the city like something out of a fairy tale. Spots of sunshine everywhere you look– the most glorious Monday I’ve had in awhile. This summer, like every summer, I’m doing a little babysitting in the city. It’s something I look forward to each year because it gets me out and about, and puts a little spending money in my pocket. Today we walked to not one, but two parks with lunch at the Buttery, too! Not a bad start, I say. Let the fun begin.

Bike rides and farmer’s markets.

Ice cream making and hammock swinging.

Beach days and backyard nights.

Peppermint patties out of the fridge!

This summer is going to be a busy one and I have lots of plans to do all the things. I can’t wait to read all the books, and watch all the Party of Five my heart desires, and finish telling all there is to tell about our West Coast Adventure. I also can’t wait for when the days are hotter than hot just so I can bask in my bikini in the sweltering heat of my un-air conditioned apartment soaking in the glory of it all. I will enjoy every minute of every day of this sweet¬†season of bliss.

LONG LIVE JUNE AND JULY, and August you’re meant to be mine.


  1. Farmers markets make some of the more miserable aspects of summer worth it. I just love the beautiful bounty that this season has to offer.

  2. lunch at the buttery?! that’s a special day indeed.

  3. Sydni Jackson says:

    YES!! I love when the days are hotter than hot and it’s all you can do but wear shorts and a tank top and find some shade with a cool drink. How could anyone not LOVE??!

  4. I’m glad to know another soul who loves to bask in the outrageous heat as much as I do. I wait all winter long to finally be hot again, so you won’t find me complaining!

  5. Yes! Summer is the BEST! :)

  6. I just Googled the Buttery because, hello, that’s the cutest name on Earth, and I think I want to marry the Spring Herb Goat Cheese Omelette. It sounds more perfect than perfect. Hoping to visit Boston this summer :D

    • Let me know when you come! And if you need any more ideas for your trip! And yes, The Buttery. You must go and you will love it.

  7. i feel this, so much. i love, love, love summer. it is the sweetest.

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