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Nursery Tour!

I am so excited to share pictures from the baby’s nursery today. I had so much fun thinking it up in my head and then following through and putting it together over the last few months. It is my favorite spot in the house now and I sit here most mornings with my coffee and most nights listening to records and just thinking about how different life is soon going to be. Most of the furniture in the room is from trusty IKEA (chair, crib, dresser, and all shelving), which I didn’t exactly plan but it ended up being the easiest (and cheapest) way to find everything we needed and I’m so happy it worked out that way it. Everything else is a spattering of bedding and blankets and pretty art and toys that I found and loved. This space is so lovely and special to me. I hope you like it too…

Nursery Tour!


Nursery Tour!Nursery Tour!

I love the view of the room from this angle. I got the idea for the wall shelves (meant for picture frames) as book shelves from pinterest, of course. For years I have been seeing books displayed in children’s rooms this way and I knew that I wanted to do that in our little girl’s room too. Picture books always have the best covers so why wouldn’t you want to show them off?

Also let’s take a moment to love on Pennylane, please. Her days in the spotlight are numbered, or so people tell me, but I will always love that little girl so much.

Unicorn | Chair | Lamp | Shelves | Pouf | Striped Storage Bins | Record Player
DresserRock ‘n Play | Keekaroo Peanut Changing Mat

Nursery Tour!-13Nursery Tour!

One thing I am really excited about (strangely?) is that we’re going to attempt cloth diapering. For the first few weeks we plan to use swaddlers, but I purchased set of bum genius pocket diapers and a bunch of cloth wipes for when she’s big enough (around 10-35 lbs) and I’m actually really pumped to do it. Cost efficient AND good for the environment, plus I have always been a super fan of doing laundry (also strange, I know). I have done so much research and I feel really ready for it. I think. Ha! Wish us luck — we shall see!

Nursery Tour!Nursery Tour!-17Nursery Tour!

And this is another one of my favorite views — the crib and the tall bookshelf filled with books, trinkets, stuffed animals and blankets galore. Collecting gifts from family and friends has been one of my favorite parts of this whole process. And of course the clothes! I’ve washed nearly everything in the newborn drawer and it’s all ready to go. About 5 weeks till her due date! It feels so close, I can’t believe it.

More sources:
Tall bookcase | Gold Lamp | Crib Sheet
Ivie Baby Hexagon Blanket (THE SOFTEST!!) | Elephant Hamper

Anything else you’re curious about just ask! I’m happy to answer if I can. XO


  1. Beautiful! That chair looks absolutely comfy!! I’d love to read a review of how cloth diapering goes for you. I’m not pregnant or trying yet, but I do anticipate I’ll want to go that route when I do decide it’s time. I have a feeling my fiancé will need some convincing, though, so I’ll need as many testimonials as I can get :)

    Best of luck, and enjoy your final days as a family of three (including Penny, of course)!

    • Thank you!! The chair is not a rocker, but I am considering adding a rocker/glider attachment. I saw a DIY on pinterest for that and it seems pretty doable!

      And I’ll consider doing a cloth diaper update at some point when I’m in the thick of it for sure. Zan really liked the money saving and environmental factors too. Plus I sent him a bunch of links to convince him!

  2. Anna, this takes me back to decorating Everett’s nursery. That time and space you make is so special. I’m so excited for you–you’re about to meet one of you favorite people in the whole world. How wonderful life is.

  3. Your nursery is beautiful! I’d also love to hear how cloth diapering goes (I have twins, born in June who are not cloth diapered.) I considered it thoughtfully for awhile but unlike you, I loathe laundry, lol. And I do a ton of it and we don’t cloth diaper. We wondered if our water costs/electricity from doing the extra loads of a laundry would exceed our savings. However, I do love the environmental aspect. Alas, my husband couldn’t wrap his head around his role in cloth-diapering… he wanted to change that diaper and get rid of it and its contents as quickly as possible. So that’s great that your husband is on board. My friend does it and loves it. Best of luck these last weeks!

  4. Anna, this is beautiful and has such a cozy feel to it. I loved decorating my twins nursery and used to sit in there before they were born like you are doing. It’s such a special time. I wish you all the best! :)

  5. Mandy Boddy says:

    anna this is so sweet! i can’t wait to see updates. I love that you are doing cloth diapering :)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    It’s perfect! Looks so cozy and lived in, which is the best. Such a nice contrast to all the sterile nurseries on Pinterest. Best of luck in the final stretch! What a lucky baby girl!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    PS: I love the cow jumping over the moon in the window! Is that a nightlight? And we have the same Keekaroo mat and LOVE it.

  8. This is so sweet!

  9. i love the nursery! where did you get the framed fish print? is there a backstory? its so sweet

  10. Amelie Lonczak says:

    What a perfect nursery, Anna! Is the rug vintage? Where did you find it? I have been on the hunt for a vintage rug for about a year – really struggling to find something in good condition, with the right colors, that I can afford … any tips for shopping antiques?


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