signs of {almost} summer.

I’ve been Boston camera happy lately and I hope you don’t mind. Just yesterday I decided to head into the city after work to enjoy the sun and shoot some signs of the changing seasons. It was just one of those afternoons where you feel like you’ve got the whole world in front of you, and you’re looking straight at it and soaking it in for all it’s worth. As I walked along the Charles, I noticed a quote in a plaque right near one of the benches by the edge of the river. It said simply, “Life is like a bowl of cherries.” And I loved finding this because it’s true, life has it’s sweet days and life has it’s days with pits. I’m glad to report that yesterday was of the sweeter variety.

And, well, friends, if my memory serves me correctly, summer seemed to have come last week, right with the entrance of spring. And then this week, it seems to have left us, just as quickly as it came. But I know it only left for a little while. It’s coming with the budding flowers and blue skies. It’s coming in the longer days and gorgeous sunsets. It’s coming with busy weekends and spring cleaning– in the crisp cool mornings, in the busy afternoons, and in the anticipation and excitement of only 10 more weeks of school!

Spring is here and summer is coming.

It’s coming!


  1. these are beautiful pictures anna! oh i can’t wait for summer. and for spring to get a little warmer again.

  2. Gorgeous shots! Cheers to more sweet days to come.

  3. I think summer came to Texas because it is getting HOT here. Sending your some warmer weather :)

  4. Ah! those photos are gorgeous!! I can’t wait for Summer. We’ve been having lots of rain lately and everything is turning green and blooming.

  5. Yes, enjoy it while it lasts! I mean, this is my favorite time of year- and it only lasts a few weeks in my neck of the woods. Already, our flowering trees are losing their petals and the wysteria has turned from purple to green (sadness).

    • I know, those spring blooms don’t last long, do they? That’s why I ran out with my camera while I still could. Some trees are already dropping their petals.

  6. I love the pictures you take of Boston’s nooks and cranies. It makes me want to move there! Spring is pretty much full on in SC now. We never really had a winter, but I’m okay with that. I love the warm weather, but now watch our summer be scorching. Hope the last ten weeks of school go by swimmingly for you!

  7. Good grief these are STUNNING. Can I move in with you, please? I could definitely get used to seeing sights like this everyday. xo! e

  8. don’t blossoms just make you happier than words can say?! lovelovelove.

    happy wednesday friend.

  9. stefanie says:

    Only 10 weeks of school left?

    You just made my day.

    • I didn’t count April vacation because I liked 10 better than 11. Plus, that week doesn’t count, right?

  10. We are on the same page. I went out to take flower pictures yesterday and have a few that are eerily similar to yours…like, really oddly similar. But that shot with the sun shining through…SO beautiful!

    • That is so funny because I almost tweeted you to see if you wanted to hang out and come with. But I got my act together too late. We need to do that sometime… Walk around the city and take pictures together!

      I can’t wait to see our photos. I hope you post them soon!

  11. LOVE the pics. My sailboat post was going to be almost identical (I instagrammed all my pictures but then decided at the last minute not to use the filtered ones) – but I do think we have nearly the exact same pic of the forsythia with sailboats in the background!

    • I love instagramming my pics because they look 10 times better (still learning the ropes of manual, or should I say, still seriously in the experimentation phase), but sometimes I feel bad– like I’m cheating. I guess people “cheat” all the time with photoshop though, right?

      I still want to take a photo class. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing.

  12. Gorgeous! I hope our weather gets its act together this week :)

  13. GAH! i love how you capture the city! and was it just me, or did you also squeal when you saw the subway bikes?!?! that’s when i knew it was almost summertime! Love!


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