Good LORD it is freezing here!

And from the looks of my twitter feed it seems like it’s that way everywhere. STAY WARM, FRIENDS! STAY COZY!

When it’s super cold like this our school has “indoor recess”. Basically this means I never get my room to myself, not for even one second, and everyone (ME ESPECIALLY) is going stir crazy. I mean goodness knows I love my littles, but snow pants and me do not get along. Every day my class is littered with more snow pants, hats, gloves, and boots than I can count. How many stuck coat zippers does it take to make this teacher crazy? Not that many apparently.

Get me to spring!!!! We’re all screaming inside. (And even though you may not have to deal with the snow pants, you KNOW you’re with me on this.)

Winter isn’t all that bad though, I guess.

I mean… let’s see:

there are snow days

and hot chocolate dates

and the weird satisfaction of sitting in your own home wearing a hat and gloves (happening NOW)

and cozying up with books under blankets

and dreamy thoughts of spring


Let’s sit on that for awhile with a cup of hot tea, shall we? Yes, let’s.


These photos were taken on my snow day last Wednesday. My lense kept fogging up because of the cold and the wet, but I think it looks kind of cool in some of the shots. I decided I could either sit around all day (what I do too much for my own liking in the winter), or get out and make something of it. I tried to get to the snow in time, but it had pretty much all melted by the time I got around to taking these pictures. I didn’t mind really, as a walk through Beacon Hill always puts me in a good mood. Plus, fresh out-of-the-oven blueberry muffins with a friend doesn’t hurt either.

Sending you all lots of warm thoughts over the next few days! Wear those hats outside! (AND IN!)


  1. I’m originally from Buffalo, NY, but I now live in Tampa, FL. I miss seeing the snow falling and the changing seasons. Whenever it snowed, I felt like the world got quieter. Like everyone just wanted to listen. So pretty.

    • I love what you said– “I felt like the world got quieter. Like everyone just wanted to listen.”

      So perfectly put. Send some warm weather our way soon, okay?

      (Also, I’m from Syracuse! Upstate New Yorkers unite!)

  2. I was going to comment how I loved your photos and ask how you got that awesome blur look on some of them…a fogged up lens, huh? They are just beautiful! Stay warm and cozy! And bless you, dealing with stir crazy littles and all those snow pants. Bless you.

  3. i looove the blurr of these pictures. i say it’s a happy accident.

    yeah, i pretty much need to defollow all my southern california friends on IG during these months…

    acorn street. it is just so so so so so pretty.

    • SO PRETTY.

      A happy accident– I like that.

      I think the best solution to this problem to is vacation somewhere warm. I’ve got nothing planned, but I’m starting to think I should…

  4. oh gosh – so cold!! I too have been wearing my hat inside (and sit inside with my coat covering me all the live long day). also, I heart those little Boston ducks so much. so very much. they are always so cute, even if they are just statues.

    • The ducks are the best! I especially love how they dress their best for the holidays. Never gets old.

      And I love wearing my coat as a blanket. I always do it in the movie theatre to cozy up!

  5. I was going to ask you if that was an effect in your pictures or water or something. I love it!!

    I really love all the seasons, but I think my favorite part about winter is that it makes the kitchen so inviting. I am constantly baking and making soups and getting the place warmed up from the oven. Lighting a candle, listening to music, and smelling something good from the kitchen is my favorite winter moment.

    • I have been spending a little more time in the kitchen as well– and soup is such a go-to for me when it’s cold.

      Also, music. Yes. I don’t even turn on the TV anymore. Just me, pandora, my book, and a cup of tea. Coziest.

  6. “the weird satisfaction of sitting in your own home wearing a hat and gloves.”

    HA! Last night I did yoga (at my house) wearing long underwear underneath work out clothes, and I felt like a pioneer woman – not that a true pioneer women would ever do yoga in her cold winter house, but you know…

    • Maybe she would? You never know!

      I started going to hot yoga a few years ago, and now it’s the only kind of yoga I want to do. Any other kind of yoga seems too cold for me! I like the crazy hot temp too much!

  7. So pretty + snowy + cozy! It’s freezing here in GA, but of course no snow. I’ve been wearing my hat inside and double layering socks for two days now and I feel like I’m just starting to thaw out. Brrr.

    Can you talk to me about Flickr? Do you use it to store pictures? Or to share them with people? THANKS.

    xoxo, eliza

    • In the winter I ALWAYS double layer my socks and my tights/leggings. I even found these fleece lined tights a few weeks ago at Urban Outfitters. I felt like I struck GOLD.

      I don’t do too much with flicker except send my instagrams to it. I set it up a few years ago and haven’t thought to much about it since. I don’t store my camera pictures on it, but maybe I should?

  8. Ugh. Tell me about the cold. I’m dying here!

    Love these photos of Boston. Even in the melty snow phase its still so charming. Here in New York, once snow melts, everything is this icky brown mush and everyone is grumpy.

    Good luck surviving those snow pants. Spring is on it’s way soon enough. At least I hope!!

    • But New York is glorious in it’s own way. Sigh. I just love it there so much.

      Oh, snow pants. Killings slowly since 2011.

  9. I’m so cold just thinking about it. I’m finally warmed up from my day in NYC yesterday but OMG it was bad.

    The thought of snowy boots/kids with snow suits/snow pants/millions of wet fleecey things just gives me anxiety.

    • I know! I can’t believe yesterday was the day you went to NY!! Of all the days!!!!!!

      I’m freezing just thinking about city in the wind. So cold it cuts right through you.

      Glad you’re warm now. Stay cozy!

  10. your pictures are always so pretty! i admit it hasn’t been cold here much…south carolina has a tendency to stay pretty balmy even in the winter. therefore no hats and gloves for this girl. but one snow day would be so magical! i love watching the flakes come down.

    • I always like snow at the beginning of winter, then by the middle (riiiiight about now), I’m begging for spring.

      I take it for granted a lot, but it is really such a beautiful thing.

  11. These pictures are gorgeous and make me miss Boston so much, even in this frigid weather! Of course, seeing a picture and experiencing that cold are two very, VERY different things.


  12. Hi Anna! I just found your blog. I think it is adorable. I’m from Boston and I’m at college in Western MA and these pictures are making me miss home SO BAD. They are beautiful.


  13. just found you via Eliza at Case Study – so glad I did :) that’s my sister’s neighborhood, by the way! SUCH a gorgeous area. almost makes me want to move to Boston!

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