cape cod // or, the most pictures in a blog post ever.

Cape Cod really outdid itself this year.

This vacation is always the last trip I take before the start of a new school year. Every year it’s the best and this time around was no different. We stayed in Orleans, and it was the perfect amount of beach and relaxation. We were able to spend time in Chatham (our old stomping grounds) and we even spent an afternoon in Provincetown. Between the weather and the company, I’d say this summer definitely went out with a bang.

Like fireworks.


I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I loved so many of them I just couldn’t choose.


Oh, summer, thanks for EVERYTHING.


{all images © anna e. burns | please link with love.}


  1. you probably couldn’t pick because they are all PERFECT oh my god

  2. So many gorgeous shades of blue in all these shots. What a fantastic way to finish out summer vacation!

  3. Aww, I love all your stripey and nautical outfits – you guys are like models in a catalogue!

  4. I love capecod, all your nautical clothes, and these pictures :) looks like you really had a blast – next time just take me with you :)

  5. Is that your sister? She seriously looks like she could be your twin. I kept getting the two of you confused! :p Lovely pictures, as always.

  6. OBSESSED! I want to be on the Cape…in the Summer….NOW! Great pics as always friend. They tell a story. xoxo

  7. man – the coast up north is really something. these pictures are beautiful and you look so pretty in every damn one.

  8. I wouldn’t be able to pick photos, either- they’re all so gorgeous! (And I definitely am craving s’mores now!)

  9. Remember how you and Melanie got that Groupon for a photography course and never took it? If you haven’t taken it yet, you don’t need to.

  10. PLEASE TEACH ME YOUR WAYS OH MY GOD. these are the most beautiful thing and I would seriously be happy decorating all of the walls in my apartment with your photography.

  11. i love the one of you in the denim with the floppy hat on. so good.

  12. For real? Those pictures are outstanding! The one of you and your sister is priceless. Freckles. Also, I’ve seen a picture of those buoys on Pinterest and it’s been my phone background for like, three months.

  13. FRIEND!! I JUST saw this blog post. Obviously, I am really behind. But these pictures are INCREDIBLE! Like pro-fess-ion-al. Can’t get over them. Love them. Also, loving that I made the blog!!

  14. Oh my gosh! This place looks perfect! I’m getting married in June and we were thinking of going to Cape Cod for our honeymoon. Would you suggest it? Your photographs captured it beautifully!



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