I finally got my act together to share my Newport pics—


We had such a nice time last Sunday walking around downtown Newport and exploring the famous mansions and the cliff walk. It’s the cutest little town and the Newport Mansions are some of the most amazing works of architecture I’ve ever laid my eyes on. INsanely HUGE and magnificently beautiful!

People actually lived in these once?

And more curious… does anyone actually live in them now?!

I actually felt like I was at Downton at one point. And it felt incredible.

Zan and I both agree that we need to make a trip back sometime soon (and next time we will hopefully take a tour of some of the mansions–you can do that!). I’m thinking when the weather’s a little warmer, as it started to get really cold and windy toward the end of the day, but there was something beautiful about it being so empty of crowds too– which I’m sure is next to impossible once the summer hits!

We started off the day with blue skies and a Shamrock shake. Naturally, a spot-on recipe for a good time.

And as for the rest of the day? Go on and take a look…

See you next time, Newport! Thanks for a good time and thanks for being AWESOME.

HAPPY FRIDAY, dear readers! ♥


  1. Great photos. If you ever go to Narragansett Pier head down the coast toward Scarborough beach. Right before the beach there is a small parking area. You can walk down and sit on the rocks and watch the waves!

  2. red coat! love it. love red coats.

    i went to a wedding in the rosecliff (which i see you took pictures of). the house was pretty badass. naturally, though, the biggest mansion in newport is the vanderbilt mansion. wouldn’t worry about it.

    • OMG!!! I can’t even imagine a wedding there!


      Obviously now I need to go back and find the Vanderbuilt Mansion. Obviously.

  3. Happy Friday. It looks really fantastic *and cold* there. You always have such great snaps

  4. I love Newport. I actually was watching a ghost show on TV awhile back and a couple that was living in one of the mansions were on it. So yeah, oddly some people do actually live in the mansions. How cool is that?!
    It was great to meet you at the Boston Bloggers meet up, I hope to see you again! :) Did you take a lot of pictures? I forgot =X

  5. !!! Stunning :) You should sell your prints. Because I’m DYING to frame a few of these in a guest room. So so pretty. Have a great weekend! xoxo, eliza

    • Wow. I honestly never thought of that.

      Maybe I should start an Etsy shop?

      Wishful thinking, but maybe!

      Thanks, Eliza! :)

  6. So beautiful. I love Newport so much. We’ve done several getaways there and it’s always the most fun to wander around. It’s my second favorite to Portsmouth, NH. Glad you and Zan had such a good day.

  7. The last picture is STUNNING. You totally inspired me to go there with my family tomorrow, so expect an identical blog post next week ;)

  8. Omg, absolutely gorgeous! Now I reeaally want to go!

  9. stefanie says:

    We’re going to Newport over April break. Just booked our hotel yesterday because I wanted to stretch the trip out more :) I love it there!

    I don’t know which mansion it is, but one of them has a grand staircase shaped like a heart. I believe it’s the one that the husband gifted to his wife. Can you imagine?

  10. this is precious. you are precious. newport is precious. MY EYES ARE SO HAPPY OVER THESE PHOTOS!

  11. Ali Herter says:

    ADORE!!!! Beautiful pics friend!! My Dad went to and worked at St George’s school and I always thought it would be like being in a movie going to school up on that windy hill overlooking Newport. Like being in a British Boarding school or something!? So fab!


  12. So we already had this discussion but I love seeing photos of my school! You should absolutely do a tour in the warm weather, but more importantly, you should tour the Breakers near Christmas. It is decorated so beautifully, and I think I remember spiked eggnog and an orchestra playing. So worth it.

    Also, Downton— I remember when Lady Mary is discussing moving to America to live with Grandmama, she says “I’ll either go to New York or Newport”….. So cool.


  13. Amazing photos, I love Newport! I went last year over Christmas and it was gorgeous (and freezing!). I’d love to go when the weather is a little warmer. I have a book about Newport back in the day that’s been on my reading list for a while – it’s called “Gilded” – I’ll let you know if it’s any good. So glad you had a fun trip :)

  14. LOVE THE IMAGES!!! I want to go to there.

  15. Your pictures are SO gorgeous! Newport is such a beautiful place and you’ve captured it so well. Blogger field trip this summer? :)


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