Memorial Day Weekend in Maine

Guys! HEY!

I feel like I haven’t been on this space in FOREVER.

Here are the reasons:

1) School is CRAY-ZY.

2) I’ve been sick. Sore-throat-achy-body-sick. And it hasn’t been fun.

And because school is crazy and the end of the year is coming close, I haven’t been able to take a proper sick day to rest myself back to health. Instead I’ve just been hammering down Dayquil and spending my afternoons face down on my couch. SO awesome.

I know how I got sick in the first place if you’re all wondering. I spent the weekend with my college friends pretending I was in college again. You know, day drinking turned into night drinking and the like. Oh, so wonderfully glorious.

You remember those days don’t you?

I myself often still feel like I’m 22. Pretty much every. single. day.

It completely boggles my mind that I’m 28 years old. There’s this quote from Grey’s Anatomy that I’ll always remember and love: “We’re adults. When did that happen and how do we make it stop?”

So good, right? And so true. When did that happen? And how DO we make it stop?

I’d like to hope that I’ll feel young at heart forever.

Except for the beginning of this week when I officially felt OLD for getting a legitimate sickness because I was acting like I was 22 when I actually am quite far from 22.


It was totally worth it.

It was my dear friend Ali’s bachelorette weekend in Maine. You remember she’s the one who lives in New Zealand? The weekend was perfect. Saturday night was reserved just for the college friends to catch up and be together. We dressed up and went out to dinner at a fancy and delicious mexican restaurant in downtown Portland. I love a good enchilada and this place had it. Then, on Sunday we hit up the Portland Sea Dogs game and then headed out to Peaks Island on the ferry for dinner. We ended the night in our friend’s garage playing flip cup to 80s jams. Nothing better, I tell you. NOTHING BETTER.

What can I say? WE BE LOVIN’ STRIPES.

And the weather? It was a little bit chilly at night, but absolutely gorgeous during the afternoons. Fingers crossed the weather’s similar for Ali’s big day NEXT Saturday!

And if you’re wondering if I’ll be pretending I’m 22 again, you better believe it.

What better a time to act young and carefree than with the people you were once young and carefree with?

I live for these kinds of weekends.

And what a way to kick start summer!


  1. Yes – how do you make it stop?! I wondered the very same thing this past weekend about when I became an adult. Sigh. I’m glad you’re feeling better and can get on with even more fun summer activities!

  2. 80s jams to flip cup and the amount of STRIPES! in all the photos CRACKED ME UP! girl, you are still 22. don’t let anyone tell you anything different!

  3. I was talking to some new girls I just met in my neighborhood the other day. One was 29, I’m 28 and the other girl was 22. I said, “Well I still look 22!!” It was a weird thing to say. But I would totally pass you for 22, or even younger!

  4. Your pictures are so pretty + so beautiful, as always :) Congratulations to your friend! I love wedding season – so many excuses to dress up + have fun with friends! xoxo, eliza

    • i know! dressing up is my fave!

      This, interestingly enough, will be my only wedding this summer. Doesn’t mean I can’t dress up just because I feel like it, though. ;)

  5. YAY!!!!

    So much fun! Thanks for capturing these moments with the camera!

    CANNOT WAIT to continue the celebrations next weekend.

    I’d day we are still doing pretty good for being old ldaies! :-)
    ps- sorry you are sick. let’s blame finley.

  6. just stumbled upon your lovely blog.
    looks like a fab weekend!
    cheers! :)

  7. Looks like you had an absolute blast! I need to get out of Boston and explore more of New England. Maine looks fab!


  8. Ali Herter says:

    YAYYYYYYYY!!! THanks SO MUCH for this friend. LOVE the pics…I’m stealing them…hope thats okay!? LOVE YOU and can’t WAIT to party more with you soon!!! xxxxxx

  9. Stripe Heaven! xoxox

  10. I love that quote, and I totally agree – when did that happen AND yes, how do we make it stop?!? I turn 30 in 2 weeks, so if we could figure it out before then that would be great!

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