the farmhouse in June!


Oh my goodness. Did you wonder what happened to me? Where I’ve been? What I’ve been doing?

Likely not, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

I’ve been straight up living, people. This life! It’s BUSY.

More specifically, finishing up the school year (craziness!), riding my bike (glory!), reading all the books (knowledge!), taking afternoon naps on my couch (HEAVEN). You know, the good stuff.


We went and we loved. Here are some pictures from last weekend’s adventure…
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Have you ever been to the White Mountains? It’s dreamy up there. My favorite part is that you feel like you’re thousands of miles away from it all. Zan’s whole family went up this time around, and while there’s a whole lot of down time just sitting around and being together, you also have a range of activities to choose from to make your weekend what you want it to be. There’s hiking and swimming and fishing and croquet. Bananagrams and s’mores making and porch sitting, too. You can do everything you want to do and skip over anything that you don’t feel like doing. Those are the only rules.

A choose your own adventure of sorts. That’s the beauty of it all.


Oh! And if you’re interested
my last trip to the farmhouse



  2. LOVE! I literally just sat on the couch after getting back from climbing Welch-Dickey trail! It was such a work out, the views were incredible!! NH is home to me, but man those mountains get me every time!!

  3. This sounds perfect! Love the rainstormy pictures at the end. Not much I love more than an afternoon rainstorm while I curl up on a porch to watch it all.

  4. S’MORES. oh. i can’t wait to go home to virginia after reading this. so many great pictures anna – glad you had fun on one of your many adventures :)

  5. I had been wondering where you were but I’m glad you were having fun and doing so many cool things. Your life is so cool. I love it.

  6. So amazing… that place looks like a dream! I love weekend getaways that are whatever you want them to be. And good job on hiking to the top of that mountain!

  7. This looks soo dreamy – farmhouse postcards, for sure.

    Of all the New England states, New Hampshire is my weak spot. I’ve never been to the White Mountains! BUT we have a wedding there in early August, so I’m excited to explore a little bit.

  8. Looks like a total dream – reminds me of weekends in Colorado and I can’t get over that stove and that porch. Need both.

  9. This post screams New England and it’s amazing. The photos from your hike are making me want to get my butt up that mountain. How difficult would you say the hike was? Those views are just too good to not try it seems.

  10. That kind of weekend my favorite- the kind where you can just hang out and read books and enjoy nature. The farmhouse looks amazing!

  11. Yes, please. Also: I see that Divergent is really and truly on your radar…after you and Clair testified as to its amazingness, I think I’m going to have to get on board.

  12. What a fun trip! I love all of your pictures and the simplicity of the time — just being together. Also, your summer of bike riding + naps + reading sounds GLORIOUS!

  13. WOW ANNA!! This just all looks so fun. Family, ovens, hiking, rain and that food..mmm!! And you’re now on summer break yes?? That’s just the dreamiest to me! Hip hip hooray!!

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