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Oh, the lake. You precious body of water, you. I’d like to live by you forever.


Growing up in Upstate New York, we didn’t really have ready access to the ocean. Not like we do in Boston, anyway. If you wanted to go to the beach, the real live beach, you had to go on vacation for it. We may not have had the sand, the salt water, or the sea, but I liked what we had even better. We had a lake. A fresh water, breezy air, glorious, most beautiful lake.

I believe all people are either ocean people or lake people. You might like both {I do}, but one or the other stands out as your favorite. I am most definitely a lake person, so imagine my happiness when this is where we ended up after Zan’s cousin’s wedding last weekend. Here, at this perfect little lake tucked inside Connecticut…

Crystal LakeCrystal Lake-3 Crystal Lake-5 Crystal Lake-6 Crystal Lake-8 Crystal Lake-9 Crystal Lake-11 Crystal Lake-12

I got to spend the whole weekend with Zan’s extended family some of whom I’ve met before, some of who I was meeting for the very first time, all of which I LOVE. We kayaked and swam and swam and swam. We ate hot dogs and drank beer and swam some more. The sun was shining and the temperature was just right and everything about it all just made me smile inside. Still smiling now even. I just loved it.

The wedding was fun {hooray, love!}, but the lake was even better. The highlight of my weekend, for sure.

Crystal Lake-13 Crystal Lake-14 Crystal Lake-15 Crystal Lake-16

Beautiful, isn’t it? Makes me 100 times more excited to be home at my own most favorite lake SO SOON!

Lakes forever. And ever and ever.




    And I’m definitely an ocean gal. Been doing it my whole life! I love that chilly Atlantic water and the lush Pacific beaches.

  2. Your freckles are in full bloom and I’m loving them!! Summerrrrrtiiiimmmeeeee!!!!

  3. Yes! I love any city on the water. I spent a year in Finland, land of a thousand lakes, and I’m completely in love with them now and forever.

  4. My mom lives on a lake and I never go, which makes me think I’m an ocean person. I love love love salt water. Gorgeous pictures

  5. sooo gorgeous. and i know what you mean about being a water person – there’s nothing like it. your freckles are adoooorable. xoxox

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