an afternoon at the tree farm.

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Oh, December. You special little month, you. Thanks for bringing out the best of winter!

This year, as has been the way for the past several years, I’ve started the holiday festivities before Thanksgiving. Which I guess means I should be giving November a shout out, too. I definitely work in some Christmas carols in the house and in the car, throw around a littleĀ GLITTER GARLAND, and sometimes get ahead on my shopping, if I’m feeling it. {I’m always feeling it.} I’ve found in my old age that there is simply no reason to wait for the season. Get it while it’s hot! And if the mood strikes you the day after Halloween, SO BE IT.

One thing I do always wait for is our beloved Christmas tree. Wouldn’t want it to get dried out and empty of needles before the big day now would we? Heavens, no. The fresher the better.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we drove back to Boston early in the morning with plans to head to the tree farm and cut down our tree. One of my favorite things about Zan being from Boston is that his family traditions are becoming my traditions, too. We go to the beach that he always used to go to as a kid, and also the tree farm where his family has cut down their tree for the past… hmmm, well, for a LOT of years. So many years that the owners know his family. It doesn’t hurt either that they always choose the MOST GINORMOUS tree in the lot. Go big and bring it home is their motto.

And while I love embracing these traditions, the whole tree-the-size-of-your-living-room is just NOT something I can get behind. Sorry Zanner! {To make it fair, Zan’s parents living room is about three times the size of our living room, so they make it work. It’s not easy, but they ALWAYS seem to make it work. Power it, I always say. POWER IT.}

Anyway, I suppose you’re curious now about the size of it, so, here you go!

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{I told you they always get the most ginormous tree.}


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Zan and I, being the early birds that we are {or were that day at least}, got to the tree farm before his family arrived, so we were able to hunt in the smaller sections {not the woods, ha!} for our little nugget of a tree. Not really a nugget in ordinary terms, but in comparison to the big guy, well, YOU KNOW.

We took a few rounds around the farm and after not too long we settled on this beauty.

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PRETTY NICE ISN’T IT? I sure think so.

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Also, after complaining quite a bit in the car about the weather {cold and rainy} I have to admit that I did appreciate the photographs it was giving me. Kind of serene aren’t they? But, yes, cold and wet, and gray. After we trudged our tree out to the pay stand, I spent the rest of the afternoon licking mini candy canes and drinking hot chocolate from the warmth of the heated car. Oh, the glory of red and white striped minted sugar. Love that delicious holiday treat.

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All in all, a Christmas tree hunt success!


My shirt, jacket, and pom hat are from Old Navy.
Scarf, Target/ Bag, Baggu/ Boots, l.l.bean
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{Highly recommended. THE COZIEST.}


  1. Ooooh my gosh, their tree is like the Griswalds!!! (I just saw that movie for the first time!). Do they have the biggest collection of lights and ornaments ever?!

    I love your tree! We got ours last weekend, and now the house smells so good.

  2. Your tree is the cutest thing. KIND OF JUST LIKE YOU.

    Thanks for letting us peek into your Christmas tree hunting. For those of us with lousy allergies, these pictures are as close as we get ;)

  3. LOOK ATCHU! Cutie patootie. And I love that you’re all rugged and get yo own tree. TEACH ME YOUR WAYSSSS!

  4. i love all these pictures! so cute, you’ll be happy to have these to look back on. xoxo

  5. Oooh the ones of you pulling the tree are simply perfect!! I’ve never been to a farm to cut my own tree…and I haven’t gotten out tree yet, because we weren’t planning on being here, but now, as it turns out, we are!! I may check out Houde’s farm! Enjoy your lovely tree!

  6. By my standards your guys’ tree is pretty grande! I absolutely love it!

  7. These photos are the dreamiest.

    Steve REALLY wanted to trudge up in the mountains and find the perfect tree. It started feeling like I was married to Clark from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. But after a few hiccups getting a permit for the woods & at a cut your own tree farm we ended up getting something at Lowes. I’m pretty sure his heart is broken. Next Year will be our year to do it right.

    But I love our big fat tree. Our living room is still sparsely populated with furniture so our 9 foot noble fir really makes the space. I love Christmas so much.

    • I could really see Steve doing that. Ever since I learned about your Alaskan expedition I hold you two in the highest regard. I MEAN IT. It’s so crazy you’d have to get a permit! Imagine! And yes, next year, or at least ONE DAY— you guys will get the REAL ONE.


  8. these photos are fabulous. and i, too, start my christmas celebrations before thanksgiving usually. glad to know i’m not the only one!

  9. I agree with everyone else, stellar, dreamy photos, Anna! I have always dreamed of cutting down a Christmas tree instead of buying them from a lot. Someday it will happen but for this year, I’ll live vicariously through you and that amazing giant tree! :)

    • Thanks, Kiki! I used to buy from the lot– and we actually did last year when we were pressed for time. Someday you will! I just know it.

  10. Your pictures are SO gorgeous! I live for the day my husband and I get to have a tree outing like this. It looks like an absolute blast. Thank you for sharing:)

  11. Something about this dreary day made magic happen here. These might be household-framer materials.

  12. this is all so good.

  13. that tree is insane!!! love your nugget though (only a nugget because it’s next to that). cutting down your own tree is so cool. one day…

  14. Zan’s family is crazy! Good for them! I also like your more modestly sized tree. I’ve never cut one down, but it looks like quite an adventure!


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