hello, spring // taking stock

hello, spring.

Just a little update of sorts to properly acknowledge this perfect season called Spring!


M A K I N G: Another weaving for a friend soon. I cannot say much more because it is going to be surprise gift– undoubtedly the best kind!

D R I N K I N G: Lots of water and a little bit of root beer. Zan and I ordered pizza on Friday night and had root beer to go with which just pairs so perfectly, don’t you think? I got an extra bottle for another night this week. FANCY! Also, I tried this drink this weekend and it was surprising delicious and tasted so much like the real thing! I loved it.

W A N T I N G: Summer to come soon. Just 5 more weeks! My class showcased their work to the parents last week and after that I always feel like summer needs to come (and fast). The kids are so ready for a break and the beautiful weather doesn’t help either, but I keep saying to myself: I CAN DO HARD THINGS! And I know the end of the year will be here in a flash.

W A T C H I N G: I just finished Fuller House and loved every darn minute of it. I laughed and smiled the whole way through that silly show and I am absolutely looking forward to Season 2.

R E A D I N G: So! Many! Books! Most recently I finished Anne of Avonlea and I ADORED IT! Oh, Anne. I seriously love you. // I made a goal for myself this year to read 25 books and after today I have read 20. TWENTY! I’m going to have to adjust that goal soon and I am so happy about it. Over the last few years I hardly made any time at all for reading (looking at you, iphone), but I really wanted this year to be different. I am making more time for books at home and I have also discovered Overdrive which lets me listen to books while I walk Penny in the mornings and after-school. I would say the audiobooks are most definitely the reason for my sky high pile of books and I am absolutely thrilled about it. I am keeping track on Goodreads and also through instagram with my hashtag #nannerreads. I would also love to do a post here highlighting some of my favorite books soon.

L I S T E N I N G  T O: The new Lumineer’s album, Cleopatra, on REPEAT. I cannot handle how much I love it. // P.S. I listen to all of my music through the amazon prime app and I only have great things to say about it. I can choose any songs or whole albums I want to listen to– and can skip or repeat songs as much as I want. You can also make playlists! I did one for my wedding last year and we played it through dinner — it was perfect! Does anyone else out there use Amazon to listen to their music? I’m a huge fan.

E A T I N G: A lot of meals for one lately. Zan’s been traveling LIKE CRAZY for work the past few months. He was here all this week, but is gone all next so I am left to my own devices in the kitchen which usually means whatever I can scrounge up out of the fridge. Tacos are a favorite. And this kale salad, too.

W I S H I N G: Zan would be home more! Things are busy now, but will ease up soon — we hope!

E N J O Y I N G: Documenting our West Coast trip! It’s fun to share pictures and important to me to get our memories down in a tangible way. Next up is the few days we spent in LA and this summer I want to recap our honeymoon! On the blog and with a photo album. What’s your favorite company to use for that sort of thing?

H O P I N G: Time slows down a bit. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons. I hope I can savor every minute of them and find fun ways to keep busy and enjoy the time off. Making lots of plans always makes the time feel longer. I need to remember that!

N E E D I N G: This one is proving hard for me right now, thankfully! I feel very happy right now about so many things. Plus, I just went on a shopping spree. ;)

F O L L O W I N G: I have loved keeping up with Nicki Sebastian lately. Her blog and instagram are my favorite and her move from NY to LA has been so fun to watch from afar.

F E E L I N G: Sneezy. My one and only beef with Spring. Allergy season is here and I am but a victim once again!

W E A R I N G: A few new outfits from Madewell and Anthropologie. Forever and ever amen! Also, this weekend I switched out my winter clothes for my spring/summer wardrobe which is my favorite thing to do! 

B O O K M A R K I N G: This post on shooting manual photography is the best. Easy to understand language from one of my favorite photographers. I go back to this post over and over! Perfectly helpful and so so good.

L O V I N G: This year’s May. Everything is so glorious and new. 

“Dear old world’, she murmured, ‘you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


  1. If you want to do a photo album, then I can only recommend Blurb! (http://www.blurb.com)
    The quality is sooo good and it`s very easy to design a book :)
    Here you can see a book I made with Blurb: https://carolinespassion.wordpress.com/projects/paper-projects/365-a-picture-a-day-the-book/
    xx Caroline

  2. I made my wedding album (as well as one for my mom, mother in law and dad) using Artifact Uprising – which you’re already familiar with. I love the canvas hard covers, the photo sleeve that can go over it, their clean designs, and the customization of every page….. I’ve only made 50 page books which I believe are $69.

  3. I always love to hear what you’re reading, writing these down!! I haven’t used them before, but I hear the best things about Artifact Uprising :) Happy Spring my friend!! Blowing through tissues like nobody’s business, so ‘bless you!’ from afar ;)

  4. i’m obsessed with cleopatra now thanks to you! i am basically crazy about the entire lumineers cd.

    i love this post. you are such a beautiful person.


  5. Looove the Anne books! Just so dreamy.

  6. Yesssss to The Lumineers cd…Angela on repeat!!! I also love the artifact uprising books- soft and hard cover, both are wonderful! love the vacation recaps!

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