new york city: day two

Oh, Sunday. I think you were my favorite.

Day two in New York City was Ahh-mazing with a capital A. I spent the whole day in Manhattan, and when I say the whole day, I mean from sun up to sun down, walking and skipping from place to place.

I started out early with a walk to find coffee. Remember, I had my own keys and I could do as I pleased, so I left the apartment on the Upper East Side with my yoga pants on and a neon yellow t-shirt. I walked wherever I felt like walking really, and you better believe there was a bounce in my pony tail…


The weather forecast said rain, but I only saw sunshine. Happiness!

As I walked along I couldn’t help but notice all the tulips. I spotted colored tulips galore, and then when I got to Park Ave there was just a sea of yellow tulips at each intersection. Gorgeous springtime yellow! Oh, I loved it.

The architecture in Manhattan is so beautiful. I kept trying to imagine the families that live in these buildings and apartments, both today and in the past. I passed by so many different homes, juggling between taking pictures and just enjoying the walk.

Sometimes it’s exhausting to be a blogger.

At one point, I turned the corner to head across to the park and I just caught myself directly in front the the Guggenheim.


This is one of my favorite parts about wandering around a city. The discovering of significant places out of the blue? This has happened to me before. I just stop in my tracks and just stare wide-eyed for a minute, amazed and speechless. I always take a deep breath and stand still for a minute, and then of course, I start snapping pictures. Naturally.

I am 25% wanna-be New Yorker, and 75% TOTAL TOURIST.

No shame.

I tried to cross into the park after this, but couldn’t get past all the women running in the half-marathon that morning. I contemplated for about 10 minutes whether to try to run across or not, but ultimately decided not too. Knowing me I’d probably trip or something. I always struggle most in the worst situations.

I do love a good marathon, though, so I was glad to stand there and watch for a bit. I always get the shivers. I myself can just barely run one mile, so the idea of 13 is incredibly impressive.

The Boston Marathon?

Please. I cry every single time.

But come on, you must cry too. The inspiration!!

I was super sad to miss Marathon Monday this year, but it was actually happening this very same weekend, so unfortunately I had to live vicariously through my Boston instagram friends. You can’t win ’em all, I guess.

After heading back to the apartment to shower and change for the day, I met up with my friend Katie again. This time, it was to do a little apartment hunting! She had an appointment with a relator, so I tagged along to take a look too!

Check out the rooftop view.


Yeah, I wouldn’t mind hanging up there on the weekends. Wouldn’t mind one single bit.

I wonder what you’ll decide, KPrime! Can’t wait to come visit you in your new digs.

After that little treat of a view I was on my way to brunch.


The excitement was unreal. And it’s safe to say, I love these ladies.

Their blogs? Oh, I’m obsessed with them. They’re both two of my go-to reads. As soon as they post, I am there. It’s good stuff, people. Really good stuff.

Colleen’s over at Ordinary Tales, and Molly blogs at Mr. & Mrs. Rigoloso in Detail.

They’re good people and great writers. I know you’d like them.

We talked and laughed and drank mimosas. Quite a lot of mimosas actually. They went down so smooth. We had the company of Molly’s and Colleen’s men, and also Tina, their perfectly stylish red-headed friend. And so nice too. I love a fun lively group, and this was it.

And for brunch? We ate at Resto and I ate the most amazing eggs benedict over a waffle and with bacon. LUSCIOUS.

Colleen got the pancakes, which was my second choice. Love me some good buttermilks.

Basically, with the people and the food and the delicious drinks and crazy good fries, I was in a dream world.

Love that.

Oh hay, pretty friend. HAAAAY.

After brunch we had milkshakes. Because, really, why not?

I had chocolate malt— a forever favorite.

We spent over three hours together, my new friends and I. And I can’t wait til we do it again!

My gosh, are you still reading???? Because I’m not done yet.

There’s still the afternoon in the Park! After brunch I took the subway back uptown to meet up with my sister and her friends, who had been spending the day on a blanket in Central Park with snacks and cold beer. Just straight up livin’ the good life.

It was so nice sitting on that grass watching the world go by.

And as if the day wasn’t jam packed enough, a group of us made the last minute decision to eat at the Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem that night.


(If there was ever an opportunity for me to write a BOOM in a blog post that was it. The Dinosaur originated in Syracuse, NY so it’s obviously very near and dear to our hearts.)

And so it goes, it was, quite literally, the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Instagram much? You know I did:

What a vacation this was turning out to be. A glorious vacation indeed.

{and for those of you that missed it: new work city: day one.}

{also! nyc: day three}


  1. Fave picture? The B&W cookie at the end. I must get those everytime I’m in NYC. It’s straight up embarrassing how obsessed I am


      It’s funny, we call them “half moon cookies” where I’m from in Syracuse NY. Have you ever heard that before?

  2. I love this. love it. come back please!!!

    remember when you took a picture of me eating the pancakes and I was like “Anna do I look hot? I look hot right?” I think we can now safely say YES I did.

  3. I can’t believe all you did in that one day! And it sounds glorious… when I finally make it to New York I want to do everything you did! glad you had such amazing weather and fun company. What a fun trip to the city!

  4. Thank you for taking me on the best vacation everrrr this morning! A momentary respite from finals craziness.

    Seriously, loved this post. I really missed you while you were away!

  5. love this long post! i love the yellow tulip picture the best, but all of them are beautiful.

  6. I love extra long posts! Especially because today, I’m sick in bed trying not to move because as soon as I do I start feeling super sick all over again. Your post was a solid five minute distraction, and I can’t love you enough for that. Thanks for sharing your adventures + beautiful pictures! xoxo, eliza

  7. I read the whole thing!

    And I’m filled with the greenest of envies.

    I can’t wait to come to Boston soon. BLATE, girl, blate.

  8. I spy a Welsh Terrier in the food stand pic!!!! My second dream dog, AFTER a frenchie obv. Love this and love the photos. Too much to comment on and I’m still thinking about the donuts. I’m sure I’ll be back LATA!

  9. Looks amazing. I’ve only been to NY once and now i really want to go back again.

  10. Also, the waffle with eggs. YUUUUUUUUMM. I want it right NOW. And I LOVE the picture of the lil ones playing soccer!

  11. blahahaha i love the idea of the instagram dump at the end. you crack me up, dear. UGH. YOU ARE GETTING MY WANDERLUST SENSES TINGLING. STOP IT!

  12. Yessss!!!

    Such a perfect NYC day. I am glad to know you, Anna Burns. Gladder still, to call you friend. :)


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