brooklyn, brooklyn, take me in…

I arrived in New York late last Thursday night practically giddy with excitement about the weekend ahead of me. A weekend with my best friends? I’ll take it any day.

Have you ever spent time in Brooklyn?

It’s such a fun spot, with all of the awesome and none of the crowds. And it was nice to have a change of pace, too, since the last time I visited the city. My friend Rebecca lives in Park Slope and I spent the day Friday with her and her oldest friend from childhood, Sharon.

We had a blast, just the three of us, sipping coffee and popping into shops. Beck’s just one of those people who’s easy to be around. The kind you end up laughing with over the littlest things, plus she’s always got a killer story to tell. Oh, I love her stories. When she’s through telling them I always end up thinking one of two things: Only you, or, only in New York.

And Sharon? I feel like I’ve known her for years. Love that in a new friend.

We were totally spontaneous on this day and every one of us was loving it.

I feel like I’m an excitable person, and Sharon and Rebecca are too, plus Sharon was visiting from San Francisco, so she was eager to experience anything and everything that came her way. About halfway into our morning, while thinking of possible things to do, Beck offered up the idea of going to Coney Island.

Do you know it?

Think world’s famous hot dogs and lots of amusement park rides.

Well, I was sold! Plus, I’d never been before, so what better time than now? I’m a firm believer in the whole “live in the moment” mentality, and it was easy to see my companions were too, so in no time we were heading toward the subway and on our way to the land of fun. I decided last night Coney Island is getting it’s own post because 1) I took a ridiculous amount of pictures there and 2) it’s just that special.

Here’s some of my favorite shots from Friday in Brooklyn:

Brooklyn on the whole is just really, really cool.

I love the architecture and the coffee shops and the bakeries.

And the Ample Hills Creamery is one. of. a. kind.


Oh!, and were you wondering about that guy in the swim trunks??

Yeah, he’s as amazing as he looks.

And clearly, very ready for summer.



  1. love this ode to Brooklyn – I love it and I judge harshly the people who have lived in manhattan for years and never been to Brooklyn. get a grip weirdos. it’s got so many great things, although it never ceases to amaze me (and make me giggle) at how it fills all cliches. in addition to “only in new York” stories there are also “only in Brooklyn stories”. and coney island!!!!!!! Brian and I had the best day there – it is so awesome and cool and I am so glad y’all went there. not enough people visiting the city make it there, so kudos to you.

    • I am so SO glad we went to Coney Island. It was a perfectly fun time!!

      And the hot dogs? Amazeballs.

  2. oh mylanta, THIS HAS ME SO EXCITED! i’ve always stayed in brooklyn/manhattan and explored manhattan but never lingered in brooklyn. but i’m going next month and now i have a few places to go off to :)

  3. I can’t believe I’ve never been but been to NYC so many times. It’s on the list now!

  4. So in love with that row of pastel buildings and the pic of the blue clad girls going into a blue store. Wonderful colors.

    Also, how cool are those little city girls? I’m pretty sure I was never that cool.

    • Me either! Isn’t it fascinating?

      I just grew up in this little ‘ol town. Those girls are seriously cool.

  5. Gorgeous photos! Brooklyn looks like such an exciting place…I’ve always wanted to visit. And I LOVE the Avett Brothers. Love.

  6. There is something about a menu in chalk that makes me want to…hug things. And the coffee beans in the sacks? Love that.

    This is the best blog for pictures, I’ll just end with that.

  7. Rebecca says:

    hearts to you. this is stellar :)

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