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new york city: day three

And here we are at the final day of the most epic NYC trip of all time.

Amiright? So right.

We actually had originally planned to leave on Sunday, but were having so much fun we decided to stay an extra night. Staying an extra day though, meant not enough clothes packed, and it was a scorcher too that weekend (88 degrees!). I’d only brought two dresses, and my sister brought one, so what did we do? Switched clothes, of course. That’s what sisters are for, after all.

Here’s a look at our last morning in the city…

Meg and I spent the morning eating croissants and drinking coffee in Central Park. It was so close to where we were staying, and the weather was downright fabulous, that we both agreed that it was the perfect place for breakfast.

From there we walked towards the MET with the idea of doing a little Museum hopping, only to discover it was closed for the day. So instead, we went and did a little shopping instead. We went to J.crew and Joe Fresh to love on all the stripes in style this season. It’s not just me, you guys. Stripes are EVERYWHERE. All the rage, all the time. And I be lovin’ it!

After a morning of reflecting on our good times, and a decent amount of sunshine and wandering, it was time for us to catch the train.

I am usually sad to leave, but the weekend was so full of fun, and I was excited for my next destination, that I was just happy inside and nothing else. Plus, there is something about leaving out of Grand Central Station that makes trips to New York even more special.

I always love this part. It’s an experience that I relish in every single time…

Grand Central Station is THE most magical train station I’ve ever stepped foot in.

Have you ever been?

One look up and it takes my breath away.

And with that, we boarded the train and said goodbye to a great weekend, great friends, and an amazing city.

Thanks for the memories, NY! See you soon!

(I’m lucky enough to be heading back to New York in one month’s time. On the next trip I’ll be spending more time in Brooklyn with my high school girlfriends at The Great GoogaMooga Festival in Prospect Park. 4 words: I CAN’T FLIPPING WAIT.)

And of course, here’s my daily dose of instagrams for you…

Next week we’ll head to Charlotte for some baby time. Little Luke can’t wait to say hi.

Happy WEEKEND and thanks for tagging along!


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new york city: day two

Oh, Sunday. I think you were my favorite.

Day two in New York City was Ahh-mazing with a capital A. I spent the whole day in Manhattan, and when I say the whole day, I mean from sun up to sun down, walking and skipping from place to place.

I started out early with a walk to find coffee. Remember, I had my own keys and I could do as I pleased, so I left the apartment on the Upper East Side with my yoga pants on and a neon yellow t-shirt. I walked wherever I felt like walking really, and you better believe there was a bounce in my pony tail…


The weather forecast said rain, but I only saw sunshine. Happiness!

As I walked along I couldn’t help but notice all the tulips. I spotted colored tulips galore, and then when I got to Park Ave there was just a sea of yellow tulips at each intersection. Gorgeous springtime yellow! Oh, I loved it.

The architecture in Manhattan is so beautiful. I kept trying to imagine the families that live in these buildings and apartments, both today and in the past. I passed by so many different homes, juggling between taking pictures and just enjoying the walk.

Sometimes it’s exhausting to be a blogger.

At one point, I turned the corner to head across to the park and I just caught myself directly in front the the Guggenheim.


This is one of my favorite parts about wandering around a city. The discovering of significant places out of the blue? This has happened to me before. I just stop in my tracks and just stare wide-eyed for a minute, amazed and speechless. I always take a deep breath and stand still for a minute, and then of course, I start snapping pictures. Naturally.

I am 25% wanna-be New Yorker, and 75% TOTAL TOURIST.

No shame.

I tried to cross into the park after this, but couldn’t get past all the women running in the half-marathon that morning. I contemplated for about 10 minutes whether to try to run across or not, but ultimately decided not too. Knowing me I’d probably trip or something. I always struggle most in the worst situations.

I do love a good marathon, though, so I was glad to stand there and watch for a bit. I always get the shivers. I myself can just barely run one mile, so the idea of 13 is incredibly impressive.

The Boston Marathon?

Please. I cry every single time.

But come on, you must cry too. The inspiration!!

I was super sad to miss Marathon Monday this year, but it was actually happening this very same weekend, so unfortunately I had to live vicariously through my Boston instagram friends. You can’t win ’em all, I guess.

After heading back to the apartment to shower and change for the day, I met up with my friend Katie again. This time, it was to do a little apartment hunting! She had an appointment with a relator, so I tagged along to take a look too!

Check out the rooftop view.


Yeah, I wouldn’t mind hanging up there on the weekends. Wouldn’t mind one single bit.

I wonder what you’ll decide, KPrime! Can’t wait to come visit you in your new digs.

After that little treat of a view I was on my way to brunch.


The excitement was unreal. And it’s safe to say, I love these ladies.

Their blogs? Oh, I’m obsessed with them. They’re both two of my go-to reads. As soon as they post, I am there. It’s good stuff, people. Really good stuff.

Colleen’s over at Ordinary Tales, and Molly blogs at Mr. & Mrs. Rigoloso in Detail.

They’re good people and great writers. I know you’d like them.

We talked and laughed and drank mimosas. Quite a lot of mimosas actually. They went down so smooth. We had the company of Molly’s and Colleen’s men, and also Tina, their perfectly stylish red-headed friend. And so nice too. I love a fun lively group, and this was it.

And for brunch? We ate at Resto and I ate the most amazing eggs benedict over a waffle and with bacon. LUSCIOUS.

Colleen got the pancakes, which was my second choice. Love me some good buttermilks.

Basically, with the people and the food and the delicious drinks and crazy good fries, I was in a dream world.

Love that.

Oh hay, pretty friend. HAAAAY.

After brunch we had milkshakes. Because, really, why not?

I had chocolate malt— a forever favorite.

We spent over three hours together, my new friends and I. And I can’t wait til we do it again!

My gosh, are you still reading???? Because I’m not done yet.

There’s still the afternoon in the Park! After brunch I took the subway back uptown to meet up with my sister and her friends, who had been spending the day on a blanket in Central Park with snacks and cold beer. Just straight up livin’ the good life.

It was so nice sitting on that grass watching the world go by.

And as if the day wasn’t jam packed enough, a group of us made the last minute decision to eat at the Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem that night.


(If there was ever an opportunity for me to write a BOOM in a blog post that was it. The Dinosaur originated in Syracuse, NY so it’s obviously very near and dear to our hearts.)

And so it goes, it was, quite literally, the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Instagram much? You know I did:

What a vacation this was turning out to be. A glorious vacation indeed.

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new york city: day one

It’s here, guys. My first New York City post of the spring season, two thousand and twelve.

I was completely obsessed with this trip to New York. Maybe it was because of the weather. Maybe it was because of the much needed vacation. I KNOW it was because of the people. And also, I’ve decided it was because I was staying with a friend who gave me a key to her place, allowing me to flutter about the city on my own time and in my own way, which ended up being the best thing ever. It’s the reason I was able to do so much and see so many friends. Also, it gave me the feeling of being a New Yorker, something I’ve always loved the idea of, but likey something I will never actually be.

Sigh. A girl can dream.

So dream I did.

First stop?


Man, do I ever love Brooklyn. I first fell in love in 2009 when I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, after not just one, but two of my high school friends moved out of Manhattan. It’s the cutest little place with so much character and quirkiness. This trip to BK brought me to the Brooklyn Flea, which was quite the treat in and of itself.

I only wish I could magically transport my amazing finds (some sweet wooden crates, an old vintage school desk, road bike, and typewriter) back to my place in Boston without having to lug them around the whole city, which would be INCREDIBLY awkward, not to mention a burden.

So with all my might, I just did a some booth shopping at the famous Flea, simply letting myself enjoy the day while taking it all in. Highly recommended if you ever get the chance to go, it’s certainly an experience, and a cool one at that.

Wanna take a look around?

Those are those wooden crates I was talking about.

I want one in my living room to store cozy blankets for movie nights.

I also want one in my bedroom to throw my shoe collection in.


And the bike I dream of every night?

There she is.

Sittin’ pretty.

We browsed through racks and racks of clothing filled with cool stuff and not so cool stuff.

White wash pedal pushers?

Vests with iron on badges and sweaters with cats?

You name it, it’s there.

(I spared you the pictures, but you can certainly use your imagination.)

There were jewelry tables too. With clip-ons and dangly earrings and everything in-between.

There are knick-knacks of all shapes and sizes.

Literally, things to look at for dayyys.

I loved all the vintage prints. I’d like to own a few like these someday.

Maybe next time.

It was here that I met up with my friend Beck from high school. She’s one of my favorite people ever so I was so happy she came over from her apartment in Park Slope to hang out for the day and enjoy the sunshine.

And can you tell that the sunshine was PERFECT?

Because it was. Oh, it was.

There is nothing better than a sunny Saturday, this I am sure.

After this, we did more browsing, like the true flea-goers that we (sort of) are…

And then, it was time for lunch.


The best meal of the day.

Welcome to the best grilled cheese of my life.

I got the Milktruck Classic and Beck got the Three Cheese.

HOLY HOLY it was iiiiinsane.

Like, for real forreal INSANE.

Oh, man, I wish I was eating one at this very moment.

Bread and cheese forever, baby.

HI, Beck! Love ya, girlfriend!

After lunch, we did a good amount of people watching and relaxing before moving along to eat some more of the goodies that were upon us.

And believe me, good food was everywhere.

I got myself a raspberry basil People’s Pop because I would have been crazy not to.

It was amazing and everything I needed on that perfectly hot day.

Sidenote: Most everybody I spotted at the Flea was so New York, and for that matter, SO BROOKLYN.

Total hipsters and I love it.

I even tried to fit in a little too.

(with no luck, mind you.)

And then our time at the Brooklyn Flea came to an end. But not before inhaling one of these doughnuts from Dough.


I just can’t.


Heaven in a piece of dough. With sugar and icing to boot.


After I died a little, I said goodbye to Beck and Brooklyn with the good feeling that I’ll be back soon, and headed back to Manhattan.

I rode the subway back to the Upper East Side, popped into a nail salon to get a trendy “mint green” manicure, and headed out to meet my friend Katie for dinner.

It was the perfect start to a perfect weekend.

And of course, I instagrammed all the while:

NY, I love you. And the weekend is only getting better…

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this is new york city.

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At this point, a memory, but one I’d like to remember all the same…


September, 2013 // 24 hours in New York City:

I arrive by train and stare in awe {for the one millionth time} at Grand Central Station. It never, ever gets old. After a quick mani/pedi that I’ve been DREAMING about all week {that is, in fact, as good as my dreams} I stroll through the crowded streets and then hop in a cab to the West Village. It’s my 3rd of 4th time there and I feel like I want to stay forever. I pop around for a bit, soaking in the quaintness and eventually find myself walking through Washington Square Park — quite by accident, actually. I feel like I’ve found a special place. I listen to some street performers, do a bit of people watching, and just enjoy some time just sitting in the sun.

I take lots of instagrams and lots and lots of Nikon photos. {No one here is surprised.}

I hop in a cab and head to the Brooklyn Bridge. I loooooove the Brooklyn Bridge. I take some more photos, take some more ‘grams. I walk over the East River, and then through the streets of Dumbo. I specifically want to find Jane’s Carousel and Brooklyn Bridge Park and when I get there, I do a dance— what. a. treat!

The sun sets, then my phone dies {too much instagram. oh!oh!}, so I roam the streets of Brooklyn by night. After quite the walk, I find Rebecca in her lovely Park Slope apartment and we embrace in a hug. We get grilled cheese, chat about life past and present, and then have a sleepover like the good old days. Making time to see best friends makes me the happiest.

The next morning I wake up, take a little walk through the BK, grab a baked oatmeal and a Grumpy’s coffee and eventually set out again for Manhattan from the 7th Ave Station. I meet up with Colleen {and Brian!} and Laura {and Michael!} for a great brunch on the Upper East Side. Getting together with bloggers in real life is still so strange / fun / awesome. Every time I have the best time. After brunch, Laura, Michael, and I take the nicest walk through Central Park. It is such a beautiful day— sun shining, warm air, and really, honestly, a perfect September weekend.

Outside the Park, I hug Laura goodbye {until next time!}, then make a stop at the Strand Book kiosk and buy a new tote bag.  I head up 5th Avenue to Rockefeller Center before hopping in a cab back to Grand Central. I board a train back to Greenwich, sit back, relax, look through my photos. I think about past 24 hours with a smile on my face and give a silent cheer for another fabulous weekend in my favorite New York City. ♥


Happy Wedding Weekend, Colleen!
You’re going to be the P R E T T I E S T.